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Reflexology at yonge and finch

What is reflexology?

Reflexology is the application of pressure to stimulate specific areas and pressure points on the feet which is generally relaxing and may be an effective way to release stress. These areas correspond to organs and systems of the body for example:

  • Tips of toes reflects head
  • Heel reflects lower back and sciatic nerve
  • Arch reflects liver pancreas and kidneys

Chinese practitioners have been using reflexology to re-balance Qi (the life force flowing through energy channels) to treat a number of conditions over 3000 years. It can work along with conventional western medicine to promote healing, improve wellbeing and vitality. Pressure applied to these points/areas stimulates the organs and body parts which can benefit the person’s health and wellbeing. Reflexology can be also used as an alternative therapy to promote relaxation, improves circulation, soothes tired feet and reduce pain.
When the reflexologist stimulates the points, the body’s natural electrical energy works along the nervous system to clear any blockages in the corresponding zones or organs. Manipulating specific reflex points allow the body to return to a state of homeostasis.

How does it feel?

Reflexology for the most part is very relaxing and it shouldn’t be painful. If you feel discomfort, be sure to let your therapist know and he/she will modify the pressure to maximize your relaxation. Our therapists will only work within your comfort zone, however some areas may be a bit tender or sore, and the therapist may spend extra time with extra care on those points to maximize the benefits. Since the therapist is applying firm pressure on specific points, the clients should not be ticklish either. The therapist will be able to find the right pressure zone within few initial minutes of the treatment session.
Reflexology can be used to treat different conditions that may include the following but not limited to:

Stress and stress-related conditions
Tension headaches
Digestive disorders and related conditions
Arthritis and joint problems
Insomnia and sleeping disorders
Hormonal imbalances
Sports related injuries
Menstrual disorders, such as premenstrual syndrome and menopause
Back pain
Anxiety and depression

Is it same as foot massage therapy?

Foot massage therapy in North America is generally Swedish based treatments. Reflexology is quite different since it is a specific treatment based on reflex points which represents organs and parts of the body. If you are getting reflexology treatment from a Massage Therapist, he/she may be able to incorporate massage therapy techniques with reflexology treatment to maximize relaxation and benefits.

Is reflexology covered by extended health coverage?

Reflexology treatments fall under massage therapy. Most insurance companies and extend health benefits cover 100% of massage therapy treatments.

Did you know most insurance companies and progressive extended health coverage cover up to 100% of any type of physiotherapy, Chiropractic and massage therapy treatments from a Registered Therapist? Using your benefits wisely throughout the year can keep you healthy forever. Please refer your insurance policy now!