What is Compression Therapy and how does it work?

The Benefits of Compression Therapy

Who can use Compression Stockings / Socks?

I don't have any leg problems, should I use compression stockings?

With the proper screening and use, anyone can benefit from wearing compression socks / stocking. If your legs feel heavy and swollen after a long day at work, if you stand for extended periods of time throughout the day, or even if you are physically active, compression garments can help optimize the blood circulation in the legs and offer long lasting pain relief.


Our team at Therapy One receives regular training regarding leg health and strives to offer a proper follow-up with compression therapy. We educate our patients regarding the use of their compression stockings and socks, how to maintain the integrity of their compression garments etc.

Are you covered?

Most extended health insurance cover up to 100% a few pairs of compression socks or stockings a year. Check with your insurance provider regarding your coverage.