The cost for  treatments depend on the duration of the treatments you are taking.Please refer Online Booking for complete list of pricing for all our services. All applicable taxes are included in the price.

Extended Health Coverage

Most insurance companies and progressive extended health coverage cover up to 100% of any type of physiotherapy and massage therapy treatments from a Registered Therapist as part their extended health benefit plan. Most do not require a physician’s prescription for  treatments, although a few may still have this requirement, please refer you insurance policy prior to the treatments. We will issue a receipt with all the details for insurance reimbursement and you will then send to your insurance provider with a claim form for reimbursement as per your coverage. You can also use our direct/third party billing service for claims.

Direct/Third party billing available

Direct/Third party billing is available  for most extended healthcare benefits and MVA claims. Please  contact us to see if you are eligible to use our direct/third party billing service. All other regular  appointments must be paid at the front after receiving the treatments and we will issue the receipt only upon full payment.