What is Custom-Made Foot Orthotics?

Some conditions that can be relieved by Foot Orthotics:

What are the benefits?

Increased comfort

Shoe manufacturers are only able to provide generic insoles inside their products. Having a shoe insole which is designed specifically for your feet can make a tremendous difference in terms of comfort.

Active Individuals

Foot care should form part of the any active individual’s routine. Many sports activities involve repetitive involvement of the lower extremities. Therefore, wearing the proper footwear to fit your activities is key in minimizing and preventing further injuries. A Custom Foot Orthotic, specially designed to fit the anatomy of your foot and optimize its alignment is a step into more comfort during your sports activities, as well as injury prevention.


As a diabetic, your feet are more prone to damage and infection, due to the possibility of loss of sensation and impaired blood circulation in the leg and feet. A proper choice of footwear is crucial. A Custom Foot Orthotic for a diabetic person will be able to accommodate the contours of the foot better and can be manufactured with the proper materials that will protect the feet from injury.

Flat Feet

In Flat Feet, the proper alignment of the bones of the foot is lost, which can lead to many other injuries. Flat feet is commonly seen happening in conjunction with plantar fasciitis, knee pain, calluses, patellofemoral pain syndrome etc. Custom Foot Orthotics can help achieve more optimal alignment in the feet which can help alleviate those other conditions.

Why Therapy One?

I don't have any foot problems, do I need Custom Foot Orthotics?

Custom made orthotics are designed and meant to work as a support to your foot arch. Even if you don’t have any problem with your feet, orthotics can be used as a preventative supporting device to prevent injuries, wear and tear.

Your Extended Health Coverage and Custom-Made Orthotics