What is Exercise optimization?

Exercise optimization is a combination of assessment, treatment and modification of exercise routine according to your unique structural and functional status of your body to achieve your goal, maximize general wellness and muscle performance. It is a fine tuning that helps finding the equilibrium of structural and functional performance by understanding the muscle groups which are left behind, muscle groups which are overused or fatigue, stretching strengthening combination and importance cardio.

Is this program for everyone?

Are you planning to be healthy? Then the answer is yes. It doesn’t matter whether you have been doing the exercises for years or just about to make a change in your lifestyle. This program is all about helping you to find the right balance in your workout/exercise routine.

Am I Covered?

Yes, this program is covered under physiotherapy. Most insurance companies and extended health coverage providers cover up 100% of physiotherapy treatments by a Registered Physiotherapist.

What is so unique about it?

7 out of 10 people are in pain after exercise, does that mean they should stop exercising? No, We have created this program by combining all the principals of physiotherapy, Massage therapy and Kinesiology to balance your exercise routine. The co-founder and the lead therapist of this program Jonathan Lim Sze How is a Physiotherapist, Massage therapist and Kinesiologist who spent over 7 years in studying about neuromuscular system.

How does it work?

We have created this program focused on achieving your unique goal. Everyone has a different routine of exercise with a different lifestyle and also the goal can vary such as; many people do the exercises to be healthy, to look good and to reach a set goal of performance. This program is more about finding fine tuning of your routine by correcting workout combination you are doing wrong or missing.

1 .Setting your goal?

As the first step of this program, therapist and the client work together to set the goal of the workout such as; being healthy, look good, being confidant and to achieve a level to perform. This discussion includes:

2 .Assessment

Assessment is the glamorous area of this program. It is focused on finding things that you are missing in your routine, exercises that you are doing too much, group of muscles that are left behind. This includes the following but not limited to:

3. Plan

Based on the first two steps, therapist will conclude his plan with routine modification/recommendation to guide you to reach your unique goal through a balanced workout. This will include:

4. Treatments and follow-up recommendations

Based on the finding, therapist will recommend follow-up frequencies to reassess and evaluate your performance. Therapist will also recommend for physiotherapy or massage therapy treatments if needed to address any injuries or general wellness to maximize;