Physiotherapy Through Pregnancy

Over the course of pregnancy, the body undergoes many changes, e.g. ligaments get looser, weight increases as the fetus grows, the body retains more fluid. As a result, additional loads or stresses are placed onto the muscles and joints of the body, and posture will likely be altered following those changes. These can lead to more than the usual aches and pains.

Physiotherapy can help in many ways to manage and accommodate those changes for a pain-free and “stress-free” pregnancy. Physiotherapy can also help new mothers after delivery. For example, we can guide you through a faster and more effective recovery if  you delivered by c-section, help you safely get back to your normal daily activities, as well as help you manage other physical aches and pains that can arise when taking care of a newborn.

Being Active During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a challenging time especially if you are trying to stay active and exercise. In fact, exercise has been shown to be beneficial throughout pregnancy, both for the mother and baby. However, during this time, the demands placed on your body are constantly changing and it is important to tailor your exercise routine to better suit those demands. Our physiotherapist can help with the following:

How can Physiotherapy help during Pregnancy?

The main goals with Physiotherapy intervention during pregnancy, are  to decrease pain, promote normal body function, correct posture etc. Physiotherapy can also help with the management of common conditions which may arise during and after pregnancy. Some of these conditions are: