Pregnancy Therapies

A therapeutic touch, the very first step to a healthy lifestyle

Since 2008, Therapy One has specialized in various types of pregnancy related treatments, including Prenatal and Postpartum Massage Therapy, Physiotherapy, Taping and Compression Therapy. We work in close collaboration with our patients’ Gynecologists throughout their pregnancy to optimize their general health and wellness. Our experienced therapists are trained to position pregnant woman on specialized pregnancy table to maximize the benefits of our treatments.

The Therapy One Advantages:

  • Specialized in Pregnancy Therapy since 2008
  • We work closely with our patients’ Gynecologists throughout their pregnancy
  • We provide unique treatments for common pregnancy related condition
  • We  design unique exercise plan for pain free pregnancy
  • Our therapists treat over 6 pregnant women a day
  • We utilize special pregnancy tables which allows a pregnant woman  to receive massage in facing down position throughout pregnancy, up until the last month.

Please follow the links to read more about the different types of therapies offered at Therapy One and their benefits.


Did you know most insurance companies and progressive extended health coverage cover up to 100% of any type of physiotherapy, Chiropractic and massage therapy treatments from a Registered Therapist? Using your benefits wisely throughout the year can keep you healthy forever. Please refer your insurance policy now!