Falling behind on your New Year’s resolutions?

Getting in shape is one of the most popular and the best New Year’s resolution you can make. As a massage therapist, I hear this lot every January and lot of them hit Gym with a great intention and enthusiasm, so hard and too fast. Often end up with an injury or burnout, and in few weeks they are all back on their couch. We must be doing something wrong to give up so fast. Here are few tips to hang on to your resolution.

1. Double check your goal

Setting up a realistic goal is the most important factor when you make a resolution. It is so easy to plan for 7 days gym and give up so easy when you are not able to meet your target. Always start with few days of exercises and gradually build your routine to more days so that your body can adapt to the new change. Give yourself recovery days for your muscles to fight sourness especially in the early days. Instead of focusing on how many calories you burn in a single session, or how much you can lift, try focusing on a very specific goal such as being able to run 10 K in 6 months.

2. Am I doing it right?

Is this the first time you are doing gym exercises? If yes don’t get carried away by seeing the guy next to you lifting a lot. Take your time and know your body first then understand this is not a completion; it’s all about being healthy. Ask for help if you are not sure about how to use the equipment safely. Avoid getting injured; injuries are one of the most common killers for New Year’s resolutions. Use proper techniques and do it right from day one.

3. Know your body and muscles

There are over 650 muscles in human body, knowing all of them would be a difficult task unless you want to make that as your new year’s resolution. However know them as a group will help you understanding how body moves. Understand which groups are stronger or weaker compared to other. For example if your chest muscles are too tight and if you are keep on doing more strengthening exercises to that group will pull your shoulders forward and you will end up getting more upper back issues and poor posture. Discuss this with your Massage Therapist, Physiotherapist or Chiropractor and they will be happy to give you quick understanding of your muscles.

4. Treat your injuries

I often hear from my clients, “I am in pain if I exercise and I don’t have any issues if I don’t” Interesting right? Well we all have the option to not to do any exercises and live unhealthy. Little bit of pain here are there is common and often normal as well. It could be just because of your stretching and strengthening combination is off. Find a Massage Therapist or physiotherapist who can help you with optimizing your exercises. They can also check if your injury requires further attention or rest. Leaving and underlying injury untreated could be risky. Getting a massage once in a while is not a bad idea; it will help you with optimizing your health by bringing more blood circulation, oxygen and nutrition to your muscles.

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