Exercise for office workers

If you are like most people nowadays, you tend to spend a lot of time sitting at your desk while working. As a result of prolonged sitting at your desk, you could potentially develop poor postural habits. These poor postural habits could lead to headaches, tightness, tension and pain in your neck, shoulders, and back which could impact your well-being and work productivity.
It is strongly recommended to take a break every 30-60 minutes from a seated position and to move around.
Here are some simple exercises you can add to your daily routine to improve your posture and prevent pain and discomfort:

1. Chin tuck

2. Upper Trapezius Stretch

3. Scapular retraction

4. Doorway Chest stretch

5. Seated Figure 4 stretch

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort because of prolonged sitting or you are not sure if these exercises are right for you, book an appointment with a registered physiotherapist at Therapy One for a detailed assessment and treatment.
**Please note these exercises could initiate or aggravate your existing symptoms. Always consult a health practitioner if you are not sure if these exercises are right for you**

Yasama Razavi RPT