Tips to prevent summer injuries

Summer months are fast approaching and people are eagerly waiting to be active out there to get some sun. Being active out in the sun can cause injuries if you are not careful about what you do to be active. We have been keeping track of our data during summer months and noticed we treat about 20% more injuries at Therapy One. Here are few tips to prevent injuries during summer months.

1. Warm up

Warm up muscles during the summer? Yes, the warm summer sun might have you sweating before you hit the field, but that doesn’t mean your muscles are ready to rock. Most people don’t pay much attention or ignore it completely. Basic warm up exercises about 10 minutes such as brisk walk followed by light or dynamic stretching is recommended to make your muscle ready for the task.

2. Don't do all at once

Keep an eye on how much you do every day, the first day in particular. I have seen most people are getting injured on their first day of summer soccer schedule. Make sure you are gradually progressing to your full task in couple weeks or so. This will help your body to adapt to the activity easily.

3. Hydration

Muscle hydration is very important in reference to preventing injuries. Dry muscles tend to get injured quickly as compared to well hydrated muscles. Remember, a fully hydrated body is about 50% to 65% water. Drinking water before, during, and after workouts regulates your body temperature, delivers nutrients and oxygen to your cells, and removes waste. But how much water I should drink? A lot, you might need way more than you think as it varies based on the weather, your body type, how much you sweat during the activity and various other factors.

4. Post stretching

This would be the most boring thing to do, stretching after a fun game. But stretching after is a must. It leaves your muscles long enough after using it, helps to reduce muscle fatigue, your muscles are warm and you benefit from increased blood circulation when you stretch after. Stretching will help your muscles to recover faster from post-game soreness and it will give you a head start the next day.

5. Strengthening

I am out in the field every day during summer months, why should I do specific strengthening exercises? Well you must be getting a lot of cardio exercises during your soccer game but are your muscles strong enough to complete the task. Are muscle groups balanced properly in regards to muscle strength? You may get some help from a physiotherapist to form your strengthening routine.

6. Know your limit

Knowing what you are capable of would help you from not getting injured. Not all body types are the same, some can play basketball all day every day and walk out with no problem but some cant. You may have to spend some time finding out what your body is good at. You can all also get some help from various health care workers such as physiotherapist, chiropractors and massage therapist to understand your body. Try not to push your body to the next level if you are not ready for it.

7. See a Massage Therapist

Get a massage often enough during summer months to prevent injuries, it’s designed to work into the tissues to elongate muscles and improve blood and nutrient flow, as well as waste product elimination along with other massage therapy benefits.
Happy summer